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 Our spray free garlic packaged in 1/4lb mesh bags.  

Music And Marbled Purple Stripe

'Music' garlic is a hardneck variety popular among chefs and home growers. It is botanically known as Allium sativum var. ophioscorodon. This variety of garlic has a long shelf life and is easy to peel. Raw Music garlic is very fragrant and offers a true, traditional garlic flavor. 

Music garlic was believed to have been brought to Canada from Italy during the 1980s. The porcelain-type garlic was named for Al Music, a tobacco farmer turned garlic grower who introduced the variety to Canada. It grows best in areas with cooler summer months and thrives in climates with cold winters.

 Marbed Purple Stripe  Flavourful, sweet but spicy and the best garlic for roasting!