Apples, Variety


Honey Crisp almost need no introduction. Honeycrisp has a yellow flesh covered with a red to pink blush. Sweet and juicy, the creamy white flesh of Honeycrisp has a distinctive and explosively crisp texture! Honeycrisp maintains its sweetness even when cooked.
Produced by Blomidon Farm in Centreville, Nova Scotia

Produced by East Coast Apples

The Macintosh apple is juicy and sweet/tart. It is considered as an all purpose apple as it is good for fresh eating, pies and applesauce.

Produced by Stirling Fruit Farm in Greenwich, Nova Scotia
A large, round apple, Jonagold has a creamy yellow flesh that is crisp and juicy. A balanced blend of sweet and tart flavour. Jonagold shares the aromatic honey-like scent of Golden Delicious.

Orange Pippen

Often called the classic english apple.  Originated in England in the 16th century and has a range od subtle but aromatic flavours ranginfg from pear, melon, orange and manjo.   Has also been called the finest dessert apple.