Potatoes - Elmridge Naturally Grown


Spray Free Yukon Gem Potatoes
Bright gold skin, pink-hued eyes, yellow flesh and the same delicious flavor as its parent Yukon Gold. Yukon potatoes are an all-purpose, medium to dry textured potato suitable for any dish. With their waxy skin they are ideal for lemon potatoes.

Spray Free Superior Potatoes
White fleshed and creamy, superior potatoes are the ideal choice for mashed potatoes. They are the first potatoes we harvest every year and are often described as 'new potatoes' during the first month of harvest. 

Spray Free Russet Potatoes
Russet potatoes a white fleshed flakey potato. They are the driest potatoes that we grow making them the traditional choice for baked potatoes due to their thicker skin. Also great for twice baked potatoes! 

Red Norland Potatoes
A beautiful red skinned potato with smooth white flesh. Sometimes referred to as 'the other white potato', Red Norland adds a splash of color to roasted and boiled dishes alike. 

Storage: Best kept in a cool, dark environment with no risk of freezing. Small quantities will be happiest in the crisper! Because these are spray free potatoes (with the exception of Basinvew Red Norland) they may sprout when allowed to warm or if exposed to light. Simply remove the sprouts and tuck the potatoes in your fridge.