Beets - Elmridge Naturally Grown


Elmridge Farm Spray Free Beets
1lb: $2.25     3lb: $4.25    25lb: $22.50-26.00

Cylinder Beets are the most tender beet going. A unique beet type that provides 3 to 4 times as many uniform slices per beet making them perfect for sliced beets and pickling. 

Chioggia Beets have an especially sweet flavor-- tender when cooked, or delicious eaten raw when sliced thinly. They are a beautiful addition to roasted vegetables as their unique color will not bleed into other vegetables like red beets tend to. 

Golden Beets have the mildest, most mellow flavor of any beet we grow. Much less earthy flavored than red beets with a beautiful yellow color inside, these beets are the perfect addition to roasted vegetables and soups. 

Red Beets are the traditional round, highly pigmented beets you've enjoyed your whole life. Beautiful for pickling whole.