October 9th, 2020

Thanksgiving is upon us and I think that as Canadians, Maritimers and Nova Scotians we can all agree that the pandemic has driven home how great it is to live where we do.  Nova Scotia is one of the few places in the world where one can lead a relatively normal, secure existence; and I, for one, am very thankful for that!
October 9th, 2020

We had planned to harvest our sweet potatoes this week but ended up putting it off until next week because we are just too busy harvesting to fill the Thanks Giving wholesale orders that are pouring in.  So the plan was to harvest them Monday and Tuesday but when I looked at the weather forecast this morning (yes, it’s Friday… I should have written this two days ago…) I got a nasty surprise.  There had been a forecast of minus 1 for Monday morning which was making me a bit nervous, especially  since the previous frosts have decimated the protective leaf canopy, but now the possibility of minus 3 has been added for Tuesday morning.   I don’t have experience with that low of a temperature on sweet potatoes and we sure can’t take another loss so it looks like it’ll be a crazy weekend trying to get them all in.  But I’ll definitely leave a row in the ground to see what happens so I know better next time; experience and knowledge buy me peace of mind.  Not knowing what to do is the most stressful thing.

We continue to work at our online store.  Lots of success and also lots of mistakes and growing pains.  We will be handing out promotional leaflets at farmers markets with a first time $5 discount coupon on the back.  If you haven’t ordered from our online store please give it a shot.  If you are already an online customer please either pass it on to a friend or consider it a thank you from us for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving
Keep eating your veggies!